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Great app

Recently switched to Zoho from Expensify. Very easy to use; great support.

Great but one minor flaw that needs to be fixed

Using an iPhone 7 and the 3D Touch brings you to a login screen and locks the app up. Works fine if I just open the app. Will update review if fixed.

Good but needs work

The biggest issue that I don’t have but the person at my company who approves expenses has is the final report. There’s so much wasted space. They want to see a weekly summary of expenses on one page. Please let us create a template or at least have an option to fit the summary of the report on one page for a week. Obviously the receipts would all have separate pages. We’re not allowed to use Zoho just because of this. We use the CRM and everything else just not expenses. Just tighten it up the page layout and fit into one page.

Zoho expense is great!

Extremely easy to use. Scanned receipts tool is great; it even correctly calculates handwritten markups on a receipt in case some items were personal rather than business. I highly recommend this app

Zoho is worthless

If I could give this app negative stars, I would. I have spent countless wasted minutes staring at the application, waiting for it to complete some function. It doesn’t matter if you have fantastic WiFi or great service. You will have to enter a receipt five or six times before it takes. I wish the owner of the business I work for would get rid of these amateurs! HOW HARD IS IT TO MAKE AN APP THAT TAKES A PICTURE OF A RECEIPT AND APPLIES THE INFO TO A REPORT.

Receipt uploads not working

There is a major flaw in the receipt upload process as many times I receive an error and receipts aren’t loaded into the app. I’ve deleted and re-installed the app several times and it hasn’t fixed the issue


I signed up - created a report and then the first time I tried to sign in again was set on an endless loop of “wrong email”, “wrong password”, “wrong Captcha image” ad nauseum. Immediately deleted the app - will never use again.

Functional but servers and scanning are slow

Receipts take a long time to upload. This is fine if you’re out on the road, but when you’re trying to do an expense report it’s unacceptable. Will be using a different product. A shame, because otherwise this is a fantastic tool.

Excellent App

Zoho Expense has come a long way. When our organization first switched to Zoho Expense, it has some key features missing, but that has all changed over the past two years. Thank you Zoho! You have turned this app into a powerful and near perfect utility. Keep up the good work!


Yes you baby

Amazing - Easy - Most Affordable - Best

Wow! We are a church of around 200 and we have a handful of employees. We searched and searched for the best software that we could afford. This is it! They have a generous three user limit for the free version. The app it’s so easy to use – it is intuitive. The customer support is unparalleled. When I got the free version they give me a call after a couple of weeks just to make sure everything was good. That’s probably never going to happen with 99 percent of the companies out there. This company loves their customers. Again wow. Best expense app out there!

Great App. Approved by kashi

Excellent app. Works way better than expected. Strongly recommended to everyone.

Great APP

This app is perfect makes expense so easy and I dont have to keep a giant stack of receipts.


Works great!

Would have given 5 but recent failures knock it down

Previously everything was smooth. Currently I have been able to print a report in any format or configuration. From laptop I can choose print but only the template prints no data at all! My iphone app does not even have a button or way to print. I’m a simple uncomplicated user and do basic reports. FRUSTRATED. Customer support is giving me canned answers.

An OK app but ...

Whenever I try to edit an expense (e.g., to assign a category), the app crashes and throws me out completely. This needs to be fixed YESTERDAY.

This is the best tool!

I have purchased and used many expense reporting apps and this is by far the best!

Great tool

I use that for business purchases on my personal credit card. It has been a very useful tool to track expenses and organize them for accounting.

Everything I need

Very easy to make updates to expense reports as your trip progress.

Good so far

Started using it. Looks good so far.


This is the best expenses app I have seen It changes the game! I might name my cat "ZOHO"

Best expense tracking app

I have tried many expense tracking app in order to record all my expenses and no one works as good as Zoho. Zoho even offers free tier plan but I have no doubt that I will sign up for paid plan if I needed more features. Very wonderful work.

Making life so much easier

Love this app, a have to have if you are out on the road for any kind of business trip and you need to keep track of expenses.

Expense Reporting

Excellent expense tracking app.

Works well

For using to capture receipts and place into reports. Works very well


Although I uninstalled the app, it sends me emails every freaking day. But that's not the worst part. The worst part is that you have only one option to stop those annoying emails: reinstall the app, log in again and change email notification settings. I know they were doing it intentionally. Worst app ever!!


My only comment would be why would you not use this! Does everything it should. Highly recommend.


Worst app ever. Very slow. And keeps timing out. And asks for a review after every input. Horrible experience. And!, the review doesn't even work. The company should be ashamed. Absolute garbage.

Very user friendly

Would give improved review if it would connect with our Zoho CRM Plus. To use in our CRM plus we have to pay another 15 per month on top of existing 9360 annual fee. It is a good app.

Best on the market & better then Expensify

I use Zoho to manage and create expense reports for business purchases I use with my credit card. As a Chick-fil-A franchisee I have also found some of the other Zoho products in their suite useful. Most similar expense report apps do not have credit card account integration, which is among the best function. In fact to me it is a deal breaker. I am thinking about subscribing. To use other products in the suite. Thanks Zoho to being relevant and staying up to date with the mobile world. I LOVE that with one button, not even opening the app I can upload a photo receipt to Zoho to deal with later!!


There is no place indicating you have to pay when you first start using the app, but after you spend two weeks uploading all the receipts, it asks you to subscribe and if you don't, you lose all your work!! What a terrible way to sell the app!!!

Not available in portuguese

We have zoho in our company however we cant use this app because it isnt available in portuguese...what a shame!!!

Crashed, deleted

It crashed every time I clicked the button to sign up for the service. I tried multiple times, crashed every time. I deleted it.

Great App!!

Easy to use. Works great for mobile and on the desktop. Makes managing expenses a breeze. Zoho is a great company!

Perfect for Travel

It makes easier the paperwork when traveling

Exactly what I need for work travel

Great app and easy to navigate

Awesome products

This companion app to Zoho Expense is awesome. In fact, their entire product line is far superior to any of the other bloated CRM systems out there. Highly recommend.

Great expense system

This app and the Zoho expense ecosystem is so versatile. It's amazing it's free for small teams.

Technical Manager

What a great app! Goodbye, spreadsheets. Goodbye, taping receipts to a sheet of paper and scanning them. Goodbye, dreading the pile of growing receipts and trying to remember what, when, who, why! Good job, Team Zoho!

Great tool

This is an excellent tool for managing travel receipts and reporting travel expenses. It's flexible and intuitive.

Great recognizing scanned receipts

I would add the ability to extrac as well authorization and card numbers from receipts

Great App for Business Travel

Easy to setup, easy to use, and easy to report. What else can I say. I have 5 salespeople that travel the world. You take a photo of your receipts (then throw them out). It smartly extracts most of the data and stores. It also downloads from all of your credit cards and allows you to match up. Your company's chart of accounts can be put in, so entering report is a snap. We used to use ExpensAble - this is much much better.

How is this free?!?

I don't get it... How is such a great, fully enabled app like this free?? Where's the catch??

Description issue

It will not allow you to make or edit a description when making an expense

great app, great customer service, just needs a few adjustments

The thing that I like the most was that their customer service department was incredibly personable and quick to respond!! The app is more customizable and affordable than any of the other apps of this power and Precision. few tweaks could be very helpful. (auto input last 4 credit card numbers, export to google Drive, Roll over view of image details next to the reporting information, A clearer image on the PDF reports, making receipts as well as expenses and reports viewable across users on the same membership, it wasn't auto categorizing merchants even after I had categorized say merchant several times) The app would be absolutely amazing and these minor changes would not be so hard to do!! 3 stars for the app & the 4th star for the excellent pr :) :). Thank you!

Annoying bug

The app removes spaces in any text fields upon saving. So annoying and it looks unprofessional. Please fix.

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